Safety Coordinator

Bravo Builders is seeking a talented Safety Coordinator.

The Safety Coordinator position will be an, approximately, 80% field-based position and will involve interaction with every job site.

The typical responsibilities for the Safety Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring all required NYC permits are posted and up-to-date
  • Ensure all fire-related items are installed properly and painted the appropriate colors per most recent FDNY promulgated rules.
  • Maintain Master List for Subcontractors and Individual Workers banned from company projects for violations such as drug, alcohol and smoking to ensure that these workers are not permitted on any future jobs after a zero-tolerance violation.
  • Ensure all required signage is displayed, such as EXIT signs, No Smoking signs, fire extinguisher location signs.
  • Address public protection requirements as they pertain to NYC Site Safety regulations.
  • Monitor areas of concern including but not limited to scaffold erection, form work, work in confined areas, temporary lighting, etc.
  • Review pressurized equipment for safe setup e.g. compressors, jack hammer operations, etc.  including cylinder storage and protection.
  • Ensure all workers are dressed appropriately per OSHA regulations and wearing all required PPE for the task being performed.
  • Review Hot Work and be certain The Department of Buildings and Fire Department of New York regulations are being followed.
  • Review sidewalk sheds, including wall structures, illuminated fixtures and drawings to ensure that structures are erected to plans and specifications.
  • Review and recommend  best practices for housekeeping with respect to prevention of trip/fall potential and fire protection; ensure clean work areas, use of green dust, prompt action for any spills.
  • Review all facets of “fall protection” requirements including but not limited to perimeter protection, floor opening covers, vertical shafts, netting, control access zones, scaffold usage, etc.

Support of Superintendents will include:

  • Assisting in preparation of specific Site Safety Plan for each construction project
  • Monitor quality of Tool Box Talks and Subcontractor Site Safety Plans and communicate suggestions for improvements.
  • Assist on site personnel with accident investigations, review and follow-up.
  • Conduct accident/injury review and follow-up with corrective actions.
  • Visit each site weekly, and work with Superintendent to identify trends on the job and propose corrective actions, training as necessary.
  • Address on-site any safety concerns with the designated superintendent/safety individual or others including insurance company personnel.
  • On buildings over ten stories, work with Superintendent and Site Safety Manager.
  • Job sites will be maintained per OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Check and track all personnel possess OSHA 10 cards and any other required certifications that are required for their work (burning licenses, scaffold use and erection, etc)
  • Set up Safety Orientation.
  • Keep updated with new industry rules, laws and best practices.


  1. Excellent working knowledge of NYC Chapter 33 requirements as well as other DOB safety related articles and provisions a must.  This includes but is not limited to safeguards and inspection activity for construction and demolition, safety netting, maintenance of site and adjacent areas, storage of materials and sidewalk inspections.
  2. At least 3 years of construction experience in NYC, preferably in a supervisory capacity.
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills including being a proactive, persuasive communicator and facilitator who gets satisfaction in helping others become more effective; s/he will have the ability to work well under pressure, and communicate safety guidelines and regulations to Company employees, including its union-represent workforce, as well as subcontractors, plus provide written accounting of any concerns requiring attention with practical recommendations attached.
  4. Experience in preparing and delivering Tool Box Safety Talks.
  5. Passed and familiar with OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour construction training courses; knowledge of NYC Fire Codes.
  6. Ability to interact professionally with all levels of management, Department of Buildings and OSHA personnel on site.
  7. Must be able to prepare Power Point presentations with respect to safety training.
  8. Working knowledge of crane operations is beneficial but not a requirement.

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