Value Engineering

Complex projects, particularly those utilizing a cost effective labor strategy, present challenges. Bravo Builders provides owners & developers with mature, sophisticated, and professional services. We maintain quality, and help avoid ancillary costs and pitfalls, particularly those associated with a cost effective labor strategy contracting choice. This allows our customers to expand, improve, innovate and deliver facilities in a timely manner, while not getting bogged down managing service gaps. The resulting cost savings are passed along to our customers.

  • OCIP/CCIP Process – Our experience enables Bravo Builders to negotiate pricing, terms and conditions that lead to the cost-competitive owner controlled or contractor controlled insurance programs and provides the necessary coverage for the risks on the project.

  • Safety Academy – The intersection between worker safety and staff safety requires solutions that Bravo Builders is adept at deploying. Our approach is to develop site-specific safety plans and provide a site safety administrator for the duration of each of our projects.

  • Procurement – Bravo Builders has extensive experience with high-design, custom and specialty equipment, which are some of the typical long lead items. We work to procure long lead items early and minimize cost and schedule overruns.

  • Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Systems (‘MEPS’) Coordination – Bravo Builders approach is to provide full service MEPS management from initial coordination and implementation through completion, commissioning and turnover.

  • Contractor/Subcontractor Strategy – In order to support a stable and consistent workforce strategy, including man-loaded schedules & cash flow planning, Bravo Builders establishes a cash-loaded and man-loaded schedule. This schedule translates to our web based client invoicing/ subcontractor payment system. All requirements are established to support multiple funding streams and takes all documentation into account. Bravo Builders’ systems platform provides a transparent method for managing workflow from pre-qualification to payment.

  • Workforce Stabilization – Once the project is underway, Bravo Builders’ systems streamline the invoice/payment process. With all documentation in hand, a quick payment to the subcontracting community is achieved. In an industry where cash is king, our ability to achieve a rapid turnaround in our accounting system translates into the ability to maintain workforce continuity.